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Clearswift Secure Exchange Gateway

A successful business requires useful and translucent communication with clients. However , the most common consumer portals offer little to no security protection, so that it is easy for cyber-terrorist to intercept data during transmission and access not authorized files.

A true secure document transfer solution gives end-to-end encryption to protect the integrity of sensitive facts, ensuring no one else can easily decrypt or perhaps intercept transmitted files. The best secure record transfer solutions also require good authentication ways of verify the identity of users.

Clearswift Secure Exchange Gateway (SXG) is an advanced security program for business email-based and docs that uses the potency of Microsoft Exchange to provide industry-leading email and doc security services. SXG scans information and parts, identifying crucial information and inappropriate content based on without difficulty defined policy-based rules. That prevents hypersensitive or private information close business deals meaning from leaving the organization, and it picks up malware, shady scripts and also other threats to keep the entire messages system secure.

In addition , SXG’s advanced reliability features consist of message security and decryption, and digital signatures. Applying software registered from Trust Technologies and RSA Info Security, SXG divides the safety workload between client and server. SXG’s client works all security and decryption, while the SXG server applies digital signatures and manages the allocation and revocation of security certificates. Ultimately, the SXG’s digital certificate architecture supplies non-repudiation and verifies that the specific person sent a communication or file. It also helps to ensure that the sales message or document has not been tampered with during delivery, and this it is the same version that was actually sent.

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